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Summer Enrichment Program

During the months of July & August the children of Minnow Pond take a trip around the world!
Each week the children experience the culture from a different country through song, stories, crafts,        language, native dress, food, and   special visitors. 

"All the staff of Minnow Pond were kind and so focused on the               children.  The school was also flexible to help accommodate me and my crazy schedule as a mother of two toddlers and one infant.  I would highly          recommend this program!"
Text Box: Minnow Pond                                       is an environment where                    children can grow and develop,                     and where parents can                        trust in the care and nurturing           that is given.       

The name Minnow Pond                                      conveys this message.                        Minnows are small fish                         that need nurturing, growth,                and safety.                                            A group of fish is a school,                  and a pond                                           is a safe and protective haven.

Since Minnow Pond                              is a Christian Center,                         our values are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.                                    Every child is invited with open arms to be a part of Minnow Pond.
“Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14
About Minnow Pond

Hear what else our past families have to say!


“The Summer Enrichment Program at Minnow Pond is NOT a typical summer camp!  It's a continuation of the       education received throughout the school year, where children continue to learn and grow. I HIGHLY

 recommend this program to all!!!!”


"The perfect blend of educational learning, creativity, and fun."


“The summer program at Minnow Pond is wonderful.  The program provides the children with the same level of    excellence in teachers and curriculum as the school year.  The children retain what they have learned during the school year while developing knowledge through additional outdoor play and activities.  The children gain knowledge about the world around them with a great new program called    ‘Where in the World are We.’
I would highly recommend the Minnow Pond summer program.”


“Thank you so much for a summer filled with fun and adventure.  Brian had a great time "traveling" throughout the world and learning interesting things along the way.   He even taught mommy and daddy a thing or two in his travels!  The full passport that he took home today was such a clever way to culminate the program - we'll definitely be adding that to his memory box.”



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Summer Enrichment Hours


Preschool Program

9:00 am—11:30 am


Half Day Program

9:00 am—2:30 pm


Full Day Program

7:30 am to 6:00 pm